What are the best News apps in 2018

What are the best News apps in 2018 In this fast moving world of rapid modernization, who has all the time in the world to sit in front of the television to get himself updated with the current affairs of the world. In fact, why would a sane person do that if he has all the technologies and facilities presented in front of him. All he needs is a smartphone and an internet connection. Although not all the people have accepted the digital alternatives of newspaper but many of them have because of its highly advantageous nature. Most of the news apps and websites are free and can be accessed from any part of the globe. So, ultimately, these help us save our money that we spend on the monthly subscription fee of newspapers. Who doesn’t know how costly televisions are? So these benefits of News Apps have resulted in their popularity. Now, the question is, from the huge variety of News apps present out there, which are the best ones ?
No worries, I’ll do the needful for you.

So, here are the Best News Apps of 2018 :

The Times OF India

The app version of the highest selling newspaper in India is a very popular news app also. This News app gives you news updates in a shorter and a more brief way. This app is free of cost and and gives you the fastest updates with very low data usage. It has immense popularity in the play store, having more than 10 million downloads. Like it’s paper version, it also displays news in english and the best part of this news app is that it pops up a notification in your screen every time a new and important update comes.

Awesummly News App

This amazing app comes up with a short news format where news is kept to the point and not more than 60-80 words. The reason why it’s becoming so popular is it’s  instant updates with attractive reading display. This way, Awesummly is able to make the readers aware of the current news and saving their time. The best part of this app is that it doesn’t pop up advertisement after every two minutes like many other apps do. This makes Awesummly even more awesome ! One more rare feature in this short news app is that it audio-enabled news reader that reads news for you both in Hindi and English. Not feeling like reading it? So what? Listen it !

News Dog

It is indeed a very popular and highly liked Hindi News App. It serves latest news updates and has many categories and sub categories like sports, bollywood, politics, international and so on. You can choose according to your preferences and you can also turn on notifications so that you don’t miss on any news headline.
Apart from news, it provided you with funny GIFs bollywood videos and much more stuff. Maybe that’s the reason of it’s popularity in the digital world. It has more than 10 million downloads and the best part is its size. It just more than 4 MB. So, feeling bored and want some hot news ?
Download the News dog app.

Knappily – The Knowledge App

This is another gem of a app. Extremely amazing layout, great editorial work, classy designs and highly accurate analysis, that’s what you need for a perfect News app and this one’s got them all. This news app provides real time news with a very low usage of internet. It includes many categories like business, politics, science, fiction, sports, technology, movies, mythology, books and so on. You can choose them as per your requirement and choice.
It follows the 5W1H format (What, why when, where, how). I must say that this is a very attractive and interesting framework to attract readers. Each news slide is called a Knapp. So, the concept is that it gives you full and detailed knowledge about a particular topic and answers all your questions regarding to it. You got to try this award winning app.

So these were some awesome short news apps that can help you to kill your boredom and kill your curiosty directly from your android device. Want some Instant News ? Go download them now.


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