How To Download Aadhar Enabled Payment App (AEPS)

How To Download Aadhar Enabled Payment App (AEPS): Hello Guy’s Tday iam Going to tell you some information about Aadhar Payment app AEPS So we all know our prime minister ji Narendra Modi Is trying to convert india into Digital india so before aadhar payment app Goverment launch UPI Unified Payment Interface How to download upi app And Now goverment launch Aadhar Enabled app how to download aeps¬†

How This Will Work

Guy’s As we know that so many people have aadhar card in india that’s they launch Adhhar System But Ho it will works?

If You Have Aadhar card you know that when you’re do the registration of aadhar card they take the fingure print of yours ok!! now because you’re aadhar card linked with yo’re bank account and you’re mobile number too! so you need to tell your aadhar number to the shop keeper and you’re and the shop keeper have fingure print machine now when you give your fingure print to the machine the cash will automatically in the shop keepe’rs account

A Video Tutorial Must Watch!!!

How To Pay Using Aadhar Card

Guy’s As We know that when you doing aadhar ragistration they take your fingure print you need to link you’re aadhar card is not linked with bank account no Problem Just Goto Your Branch And They will linked your phone number + Aadhar card with bank aacount now shopkeeper must have fingure print machine give you’re aadhar card number to the shop keeper and given your fingure print too that’s all (-:

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