Hello guy’s toaday i’am going to tell you how you can link adsense with youtube channel so we all know without adsense we cannot make money with youtube so the first thing that you herd how to enable my adsense so the impor tanace point is you need to have your channel atleast 2-3 videos so let’ts get’s stared Follow These Steps

1- Go to Video ManagerĀ 

2- Click on channelĀ 

3- Click On Monitization

4- Click Monitized videos

then google adsense will be open fill up their your details

thats all (:

Now in 2-3 Days you can Earn With your youtube Channel

IMPORTANT Things That You Always Care

Do not open Your videos With Your Channel

Then Google Will deactivate your account INVALID CLICK ACTIVITY

Here Is An Tutorial

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