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The future of Ride Hailing app with Smart Car Tech

If you are living in a metropolitan city in India, I can guarantee that you know about UBER and OLA Cabs. These peer-to-peer ride sharing apps have transformed how we commute to and from work on a daily basis.

Before UBER and OLA, I have constantly struggled with transportation within Bengaluru. Being a foreigner working and living in the Indian Silicon valley, I have had numerous problems with local drivers due to the exorbitant price that they quote. I clearly remember one incident where I had to travel about 2 kilometers. However, the local Auto (Auto Rickshaw) drivers wanted me to pay INR 200 for the trip. Know that the cost of travelling 2 km in an auto rickshaw is less than INR 50, they were trying to quadruple the charge because I was a foreigner who didn’t speak the local language. I remember being very pissed at the driver and decided to walk to my destination. provide bestUber Clone Software.

This is one of the major reasons why I am a big fan of ride hailing apps such as UBER and Ola. Not only is it easier to hail a ride, I can rest assured that I won’t be milked to my last drop based on my identity as a foreigner in Bengaluru. Now, using UBER or Ola, I can get a taxi at a fraction of price of what I used to pay local auto rickshaw drivers. Not only does it bring monetary relieve, the trip is more comfortable in an air conditioned sedan.  No wonder, these ride hailing apps are making a great amount of money with their service. So, that is when the idea of a uber clone popped into my mind. I wanted to create an app like Uber and Ola and earn tremendous money while providing a service that benefits all. However, creating an app is easier said than done.

Upon research, I found that I would need to create three different apps to function similar to Uber. I would need a customer app; where customers can request for ride, a service provider app; where taxis can accept request for rides as well as an admin panel/app; where the whole app can be managed and controlled.

I almost gave up on this idea of starting a new ride hailing app until I found out about They provide ready made car rental software so that you can hit the road running. I feel that their tagline “UBER-LIKE APP, UBER EASY” completely resonates with what the company is trying to achieve. Their car rental software is further easily customizable and provides different feature that can be added. They boast a passenger app and a driver app that you can check out for free. Furthermore, their dedication to creating the best and perfection is commendable.

If you are a petrolhead and keep updated with the latest happening and trends in the motor world, you know that self driven cars are the latest craze. Look at all the major motor brands around the world, they are all indulging in driverless vehicles. Brands such as Fiat, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Tesla and more are all introducing their own driverless vehicles. With the Uber clone script that provides, they have already anticipated the direction that ride hailing apps will move towards.

The Uber clones are Driverless car ready. As of the current date, there are little to no driverless vehicles that have been incorporated into the online cab business, however, when they do eventually enter the market; processes such as managing fleet, take bookings, payments and etc will all need to be revamped. So if you are creating your own Uber like app, you will need to revamp your whole app for this eventuality. Not with CaSmart r tech. They have already integrated everything, i.e. softwares to support driverless vehicles such as smart contracts for driverless automobile insurance, accident management algorithms and more.

According to forbes, driverless vehicles will become the norm by 2020. So why spend time and money creating your own app which will need to be revamped for the eventual inclusion of driverless vehicles when you can use smart car tech’s car rental software.

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