Trick to invite All friends to like Facebook page

How to invite All friends to like Facebook page: Hello readers as we all know FaceBook IS one of the most popular Social Networking site as we all know we can create a page in this site and invite friends to join But the problem is we have to many friends in our friend list so it is very Difficult to invite all the friends

When it comes to promote your facebook page you have to spend some money to get more visitors and likes to your page. But, fortunately there is a trick that let’s you invite All friends to like Facebook page at single click.  

Facebook Friend Invite Chrome Extension 2017

Here iam providing you the trick to ivite all friends on facebook page in one click here iam providing you the Extention Download Link Using this you can invite all friends in just one click.

1. At first go to chrome web store from the below link and install the Facebook Friend Inviter add-on to your chrome browser.

Download This extention
Price: Free
  •   Once you have installed that you have to open the facebook page which you want to invite peoples to like the page. And click on the “Invite friends” option on the page.

  •  A pop-up that show your friend list with the option to invite them. At next you have to click on the extension symbol that appear on the top right corner of your browser.

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